Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother nature knows best

Every cloth diapering mama knows that her best accessory is a clothes line. You just can't beat the fresh air smell on crisp, clean clothes that have been hung out to dry on a clothes line. Of course, in our part of the world, the icy, cold, dark days of winter are an inevitability and during those months, the clothes line doesn't have much dangling from it except for a few icicles. Yes, winter can be tough on cloth diapers. So can prunes. Put those two elements together and you can imagine the state of my microfiber inserts right now.

All winter long, I've been soaking my diapers in RLR Washing Soda, Rockin' Green Funk Rock, baking soda, you name it. My once beautiful, bright, white diapers and inserts have become dingy, stained and there is a faint odour that clings to them no matter what. I have found the RLR to be very effective, and yet... my dipes, they be yellow. After a while, nothing seems to work. Lucky for us, spring comes around at least once a year and with it comes sunshine. With sunshine comes the natural bleaching power of Mother Nature. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will get your diapers whiter, cleaner or fresher than hanging them out in the sun. I have heard from cloth mamas who don't have clothes lines that they hang them out on their balconies, out their windows and one savvy chick even takes hers to the beach!

This past weekend has been absolutely gorgeous here in Southern Ontario, and so I decided to take some photos of my dingiest, darkest stained diapers and inserts for a little before and after extravaganza. Seeing is believing, and I am sure that once this week is through, the super powers of the sun will have returned my diapers to their former glory.

Oh, and get yourself a clothes line. Aside from the wonders it will do for your diapers, the money that you save by not running your dryer constantly will amaze you. I grew up in the country, and they say every country girl needs a clothes line- though they are popping up all over cities now. Apparently they're very chic and green. I love how everything that is a part of the Green trend is really just the old-fashioned stuff our grandmothers used to do that people got away from, and now are coming back home to. Live in an apartment or condo? No problem- there are kits available for small lines, too. Really, all you need is a cord and a bag of clothes pins which you can buy at the dollar store.

Stay tuned for pics of my before and after sun bleaching science project.

Happy hanging!

Diadima xo

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