Saturday, February 12, 2011

The miracle of life- twice in one day!

This past Thursday, two new, little Canadians arrived on the scene.

In the morning, A- friend, funnygirl and Prince Edward Island Princess welcomed her son Hudson in to the world...11lbs 1oz (yes, you read that correctly), Hudson is already sporting chubby cheeks and beautiful eyes, sure to be well-loved by his big sister. Congratulations to A and the new, little man in her life!

Then, in the evening, R- university pal, stage-manager extraordinaire and fellow cloth mama brought little Isaiah into the world...7lbs 7oz (the same size as my dear baby, a very good size ;-), Isaiah is warming the hearts of all who lay eyes upon him. Congratulations to R, a first-time mommy- you did it, girl!

I'm so pleased and proud of both mommies and look forward to meeting both of their little angels.

Diadima xo

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